The clutch is an essential and important part on the YTO tractor. It is used to transmit and cut off the power of the YTO engine to the gearbox and the power take-off, and to prevent the parts from being damaged when the drive train and the power take-off are overloaded. The clutch transmits torque by the friction force generated by the active friction plate and the driven friction plate. The magnitude of the friction force depends on the value of the pressing force of the friction plate and the properties of the surface material of the friction plate.

However, with the increase of the number of times of use or improper use, the tractor clutch transmission mechanism will wear out, and the YTO clutch friction plate will also become thinner due to wear, which will weaken the friction force of the main and driven parts of the clutch, and make the YTO clutch in the process of transmitting torque. Shaking, slipping, incomplete separation and other faults occur during the operation, which will affect the normal use of the vehicle. Therefore, the YTO clutch should be adjusted and maintained as needed after a period of use, which can effectively reduce the damage of the clutch, increase the use efficiency, and prolong the use. period and achieve better economic benefits.


1. Regular lubrication.

The working environment of the tractor is quite harsh. Every 10-20 hours of operation, grease should be added to the front bearing and release bearing of the clutch. The grease should not be added too much. Too much grease will easily overflow and pollute the friction lining, causing the clutch to slip. Usually 3-5 hits with a grease gun will do. For the closed structure release bearing, every 200~300h of work, use the oil immersion method to add lubricating oil. The specific method: remove the release bearing, use diesel oil to clean the bearing, and immerse it in melted high-temperature resistant butter after cleaning and rotating flexibly. The butter is filled with the bearing, take it out and install it after the butter has solidified.

2. Regularly clean the friction lining.

During the operation of the tractor, the clutch is easily contaminated by mud and water, resulting in rust spots and slippage. Therefore, for the clutch, it is necessary to do regular inspections and regular cleaning.

3. Regularly adjust the clutch clearance.

After the tractor works for a long time, the bolts will be loosened and the friction lining will be worn, which will cause the change of the gap between the various parts of the clutch and affect the normal use of the tractor. Therefore, it is necessary to check and adjust the clearance between the various parts of the clutch frequently.

4. Regularly check and adjust the free stroke of the clutch.

When the tractor works every 50-60h, the free stroke decreases due to the wear of the friction plate and increases due to the wear of other transmission parts. Therefore, it is necessary to check and adjust the free travel of the clutch pedal.

The above is all about the maintenance of YTO tractor clutch in a timely manner. Regular maintenance can improve its use value to a greater extent.