• Friction Disc

Friction Disc

A friction disc, also known as a clutch disc, is a component used in various mechanical systems to transmit torque and power from one rotating component to another. It is typically a circular plate made of metal or composite material with friction material on one or both sides, designed to provide a friction interface between two components.

In a clutch system, the friction disc is placed between the flywheel and the pressure plate, and is used to transfer torque from the engine to the transmission. When the clutch is engaged, the pressure plate presses the friction disc against the flywheel, creating friction and transmitting power. When the clutch is disengaged, the pressure plate releases the friction disc, allowing it to spin freely and disconnecting the engine from the transmission.

In other mechanical systems, friction discs are used in brakes, couplings, and other components to control torque transmission and power transfer. The selection of a friction disc depends on various factors such as the required torque capacity, operating temperature, and environmental conditions.

Friction discs play a critical role in many mechanical systems, and must be properly selected and maintained to ensure reliable and safe operation. A worn or damaged friction disc can cause slipping, poor performance, increased wear and tear on other components, and potential safety hazards.