Tractor Clutch Solution

Provide supporting clutch assemblies for various types of tractors, harvesters, power machinery and other products

12 Inch 26 Spline

Tractor Clutch Kit

The tractor clutch kit is an indispensable part of the tractor, its main function is to transmit and cut off the power output, and prevent the parts from being damaged when the transmission system and the power output device are overloaded.

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Tractor Clutch Disc

Tractor clutch plate is a composite material with friction as its main function and structural performance requirements. Produced according to international standards, and the product quality is superior.

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Clutch Spare Parts

A good clutch makes it easier and smoother to start the tractor without wobbling. Gear shifting and acceleration will be greatly improved, and clutch clearance will be reduced for a comfortable driving experience.

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Friction Disc

Friction disc is the most widely used and oldest type of clutch. It is basically composed of four parts: active part, driven part, pressing mechanism and operating mechanism.

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High Performance

After tinstallation, tractor starts smoothly and without shaking. The gear shift and speed increase will be greatly improved, the clutch gap is reduced and a comfortable driving experience is provided.

Cost Effective

From raw materials to final products, each process is strictly controlled by QC. While ensuring quality, it can also control costs and provide customers cost effective products.

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A clutch kit is a set of components designed to replace or upgrade the clutch system in a vehicle. The primary purpose of a clutch kit is to facilitate the smooth engagement and disengagement of power between the engine and the transmission, allowing for efficient shifting of gears and control over the vehicle’s acceleration and […]


A tractor clutch plate, also known as a clutch disc, is a critical component of the clutch system in a tractor. The clutch plate is located between the tractor’s engine flywheel and the clutch pressure plate. Its primary function is to engage and disengage power transmission between the engine and the transmission system, allowing the […]

MF series2023/05/16

A Kubota tractor clutch kit is a collection of parts designed specifically to replace the clutch on a Kubota tractor. Kubota tractors are popular compact tractors used in farming and landscaping applications. A typical Kubota tractor clutch kit includes the following components: Clutch Disc: The clutch disc is the main component of the clutch that […]