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Precautions for the replacement of tractor clutch friction discs

Tractor clutch friction discs are divided into inner friction discs and outer friction discs, which are usually installed inside the tractor clutch. The clutch of the tractor is mainly composed of clutch piston, end plate, drum, disc drum, outer friction plate, inner friction plate, pressure plate and spring, etc. There are three wet shift clutches […]

Small Tractor Clutch Installation Tips

The clutch is an important part of the tractor. Only by mastering the correct installation skills can the working efficiency of the tractor be improved. At present, small four-wheeled tractors and three-wheeled transport vehicles mostly use double-plate dry friction clutches, which are easy to disassemble but troublesome to install. For this kind of tractor, the […]

What are the common causes of tractor clutch damage?

During the use of the tractor, as the workload increases, the technical conditions of the tractor will gradually deteriorate. Over time, the tractor assembly, mechanism, system and other parts and components will partially or completely lose their working ability, which will eventually make the tractor work. The power of the tractor is reduced, the economy […]

Do you know how tractor clutches work?

In modern agricultural production, tractor is a very important machine, and no other machine can replace the work of tractor. Therefore, tractor is widely used in agricultural production at home and abroad. The use of the tractor clutch can ensure the smooth shifting and shifting of the tractor, and is one of the important accessories […]

What should I pay attention to in tractor clutch repair?

Between the tractor’s engine and the gearbox, there is a key component that can be used to separate the power from the engine crankshaft to realize the tractor’s parking and shifting. This is the protagonist of our article today: the tractor clutch, the overload protection function of the tractor clutch, can Make the starting of […]

Troubleshooting the Steering Clutch of a Track Tractor

Most of the steering mechanisms of crawler tractors are steering clutches. When the tractor is performing deep soil preparation or sowing operations, failures such as slippage of the steering clutch, incomplete separation or inability to separate the locomotive often occur, resulting in difficulty in steering and deviation of the locomotive, which not only affects the […]

How to Extend Tractor Clutch Life

The tractor clutch is through the operating mechanism, relying on the friction between the main and driven components, to temporarily separate or gradually connect the engine and the transmission to transmit power, facilitate shifting, ensure a smooth start of the tractor, and prevent damage to parts caused by overloading. During the use of the tractor, […]

How does the tractor clutch system work?

The clutch generally exists in the gearbox of the tractor and plays the role of power separation. In a fuel vehicle, the heart of the power is the engine. When the power output from the engine is to be transmitted to the wheels, it must pass through the gearbox and the drive shaft in the […]

How to overhaul the main parts of the tractor clutch

The overhaul of the tractor is inseparable from the overhaul of the clutch components. In order to improve the maintenance quality of the tractor, the overhaul methods and standards of the main components of the tractor clutch are introduced in detail. The tractor clutch is composed of four parts: the active part, the driven part, […]

What is the material of the clutch friction disc?

The friction disc is the main component of the tractor clutch, and the physical properties and mechanical properties of its working surface material directly affect the working performance of the clutch. So what are the materials of the clutch friction disc? The effect of clutch friction disc 1. Transmission of rotational torque The engine flywheel […]