The clutch is an important part of the tractor. Only by mastering the correct installation skills can the working efficiency of the tractor be improved. At present, small four-wheeled tractors and three-wheeled transport vehicles mostly use double-plate dry friction clutches, which are easy to disassemble but troublesome to install. For this kind of tractor, the tractor clutch manufacturer has summarized some installation skills, let’s learn about it together!

(1) When installing the driven friction plate assembly, the shorter ends of the two driven disc hubs should face each other. If two long hubs or one long hub end is opposite to one short hub end by mistake, the moving plate will be suspended in the middle of the two driven discs, and the torque cannot be transmitted, causing the clutch to slip.

K series

(2) The inner and outer bearings of the clutch (60206 and 602024 bearings respectively) are single five-pointed star concentric ball bearings with an oil-proof cover on one side. When working, the grease in the bearing is thrown into the surface of the friction plate, causing the clutch to slip.

(3) When there is no special tool for assembly, the three small springs can be compressed by 20-22 mm and tied symmetrically with cotton threads, and then the bundled small spring dustproof rings can be placed on the three separate mechanical rods respectively; After the clutch is installed, remove the cotton thread.

(4) When tightening the 6 nuts on the cover of the casing, tighten them diagonally several times. After tightening, the end must not protrude from the side of the V-belt groove to avoid rubbing the belt.


(5) When installing the release bearing, the side with the thrust ring should face the release lever, otherwise it will aggravate the wear of the release lever.

(6) When installing the clutch release claw seat, care should be taken to make the oil collecting tank directly below to prevent the lubricating oil from being thrown into the clutch shell and causing the transmission belt to slip.

(7) After the clutch is installed, push the clutch housing along the axial direction by hand. At this time, there should be no obvious shaft problem, otherwise it should be disassembled for inspection.

I will share so much with you about the installation of small tractor clutches. I hope it can help you better. If you have any questions during the installation process, please feel free to contact us.