Agricultural clutch is a kind of agricultural machinery, and its operation steps are as follows:

  1.  Try to start in 1st gear. In order to get the torque at the start, reduce the “overload” of the clutch.
  2. Use “semi-linkage” as little as possible. Drop the clutch as soon as possible after every successful start, and use the clutch as lightly as possible every time you shift gears.
  3. When using the clutch, the clutch pedal should be “stepped to the bottom” and “relaxed” to ensure the complete separation and reliable engagement of the clutch. In order to ensure full contact between the clutch plate and the flywheel and pressure plate.
  4. Change the throttle and gear reasonably, and try not to use semi-separation to reduce the speed of the vehicle; do not put your feet on the clutch pedal during driving, excessive use of semi-separation will cause premature wear of the release bearings, release levers and friction plates .
  5. When going downhill, use a low-speed small accelerator, and do not let the car slide freely in neutral; when the car is trapped, use the differential and differential lock correctly, and do not use the method of slamming the clutch pedal to start.
  6. Do not put your foot on the clutch pedal when driving normally.