As agricultural machinery, tractors are the basic tools of current agricultural farming. At present, agricultural tractors basically transmit power through mechanical transmission, and clutch parts are essential. Once the tractor clutch is damaged, the operation efficiency of agricultural machinery will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance on the agricultural tractor to avoid the failure of the tractor during use, which can help to improve the effect of mechanical operation and improve the efficiency of agricultural production.

Tractor Clutch Maintenance

Lubricate clutch bearings regularly

The clutch should be lubricated with lubricating oil frequently, and the front and rear bearings of the clutch should be greased every 12 hours, and the amount of each time should not be too much. For some closed-structure locomotives, the bearing can be removed during maintenance and then lubricated in heated butter. After the butter has cooled, the bearing can be taken out.

Adjust the distance between the standoffs to meet the standard

Due to the wear of the friction linings, the spacing of the clutch will change slightly, which will affect the working efficiency of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to always check whether the clearance of the clutch is qualified. If it is not qualified, first loosen the lock nut on the clutch pressure plate, press the rocker arm of the clutch by hand, and then use a screwdriver to make fine adjustments. After finishing, tighten the nut and start the engine. Check whether the standard has not been met
If required, continue to adjust until the clutch clearance reaches the standard.


Clean friction linings to reduce friction

Cleaning friction linings is a very important job. Because the clutch is working for a period of time, oil will inevitably stick to the surface of the friction lining, and the friction lining will slip. At this time, the friction lining should be cleaned in time, and the cleaning work should also follow certain steps. First, put some clean gasoline in the cleaning port, turn on the engine, and let the escalator run for a few minutes in a closed state, then turn off the engine, and turn off the engine. Clean out the oil stains, then repeat one or two times, and finally disengage the clutch.

In general, agricultural machinery is the foundation and material guarantee of agricultural development. In the process of agricultural machinery development, the clutch problem is a stumbling block that hinders the development of agricultural machinery, which greatly affects the normal work of agricultural machinery. Therefore, it is found that agricultural machinery The common problems of clutches and their elimination one by one are not only of great significance to the development of agricultural machinery, but also have a certain impact on the development of agricultural economy and society.